Sunday Reading 10.20.19

Happy Sunday! This past week started off with an exam and ended with the start of a new module. In between, we learned about ethics and legal medicine. It was the perfect break from the never-ending studying and I took full advantage. Yesterday, I headed to the beach for an awesome event that highlighted local seafood and then enjoyed a Halloween movie night with my sorority alumnae chapter. Today I’m off to brunch with two dear friends I rarely get to see before I get myself situated for the week ahead. Hope your weekend is everything you need it to be!

Meghan Markle is a newlywed(ish), new mom, and human being. Of course she’s not okay with the intense media scrutiny and blatant racism of the British tabloids.

Jaw dropping and disturbing to say the least but such an important article. [This article contains descriptions of sexual assault.]

I’ve been in such a rut when it comes to packing my lunch but hoping to break out of it this week!

I’m obsessed with Sutton Foster.

Did you catch the first all-female space walk??

The Friends fountain is in Hocus Pocus!! Need to watch the movie ASAP and spot it for myself!

This Broadway actress was in four shows in a single season.

The U.S. stole thousands of Native American children and forced them to assimilate to white America.

The evolution of dinner parties to fit millennial culture and our financial anxieties.

The stars of The Politician are ones to watch. Also the soundtrack for the show with Ben Platt’s incredible covers comes out on Tuesday!!

Have you met the Hot Mayor of Minneapolis yet?

Very excited for Julie Andrews’ memoir!

The CEO of Birchbox reflects on hospital bedrest during her pregnancy and running the company from her hospital room. She’s a badass – as are all mamas and mamas-to-be. She got it done the best way she could.

I’m team carry-on but otherwise I agree with all of Roxanne Gay’s thoughts on traveling.

These will all be cheesy and I will watch them all.

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