What Caught My Eye, Vol. 3

It’s finally cooled off in Florida (so, like, 70s) but boy is it welcome. Very excited to go on some longer walks and pretend it’s fall. I kicked off residency interview season with my favorite suit jacket, it got me through medical school interviews too. I’m a big proponent of adding a little dash of you to your power interview outfit and for me that’s a cream and navy tweed blazer. I’m about to finish up a rotation at the local poison control center and I’ve learned so much, will definitely be sharing more about when to call and how poison control fits into public health. In the meantime, here’s what caught my eye this week!

To Read & Learn

I don’t know about you, but watching Congresswoman Katie Porter and her whiteboard is seriously inspiring.

An interesting look into why we keep taking our father’s last name.

Still anyones guess as to what policies end up in the spending package, but I hope a permenant child tax credit is one of them.

A good read about the future of the Democrat party in the South.

First time I stopped to think about the origin story of the “In This House” signs.

Forcing people out of their social media echo chamber did not, in fact, make them more moderate.

This conversation between Cynthia Erivo and Misty Copeland is a must read.

While I don’t like to predict the future, I like this detailed look into what our lives could be like.

To Watch & Listen

I am newly obsessed with the All Souls Trilogy (pick up the series if you like magic, time travel, and history) and it’s been made into a tv show with a strength that lies in how not good it is…but I keep watching it.

This playlist from Olivia Muenter remains a favorite a year later.

I’ve been enjoying a new series from RadioLab on the history of the cassette tape!

This episode of Ten Percent Happier really made me think about what defines us, and how it shouldn’t be our careers.

To Look & Love

I would very much like this dress, please and thank you. Also these boots!

I am a hot sleeper so I’m looking forward to these new bamboo pajamas from Nightire in collaboration with Grace Atwood (details about sizing and a discount code are in this post). I snagged the shorts set, the colors are stunning!

Hannah Orenstein’s newest book Meant to Be Mine sounds right up my alley and is available for pre-order! I’ll be ordering it as soon as I know where I’ll be living when it comes out in June…

I’ve been living inside this cookbook from Molly Baz, it has yet to disappoint. The Golden Get Well Soup! The Kimchi Ranch! The Spicy Greens and Beans Casserole!

The new East Fork glaze color is gorgeous and I might need it.

If you’re looking to up your glassware game, this looks like a perfect place to start.

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