What Caught My Eye, Vol. 2

After a weekend off that included a great time at the South Beach Seafood Festival, I started on a rotation at the Poison Control Center. This is a more unique rotation to my school because there is a PCC on campus, something that is not common to most medical schools. So far, it’s been very educational to hear the toxicology experts guide individuals and health care providers alike through the management of different exposures. I’ll probably write up a post when I’ve completed the rotation since it’s something I know so little about and think that’s probably true also for most medical students (and regular folks!). I’ve got all sorts of things to share today, including some fascinating reads and a few cold weather clothing items I have no business owning living in Florida, but here we are…Hope you have a great Wednesday!

To Read & Learn

Could universal basic rent be a solution to our housing assistance issues?

This wild story about a 90 year old man with thousands of illegally collected bones and artifacts.

The supply chain problems could impact winemaking.

This is an interesting argument to buy less, especially as the supply chain is strained and climate .

A great piece on the psychological impact after leaving Q-Anon.

Brene Brown is the queen of vulnerability.

The Facebook algorithm is even more horrifying than I thought.

To Watch & Listen

A running scandal and the price of power at Nike (WBUR On Point).

I will be watching The Princess Switch 3 and A Castle for Christmas as soon as they are available.

If you love Nancy Meyers movies as much as I do, you have to check out this Jimmy Fallon clip.

This SNL sketch with Jason Sudekis was the best of the night IMO.

To Look & Love

I need the tumblers and hot sauce crate (!!) on this list of sustainable foodie gifts.

Time to book a trip to Italy for a ride on this vintage train.

There’s no link yet but Grace Atwood from The Stripe has the *cutest* pajama collaboration with Nightire coming on MONDAY!

I’ve been in the market for some new slippers and these might just fit the bill, they look so cozy!

Planning to make these cookies this weekend, can’t wait.

Drooling over this gnocchi bake.

In love with this perfect style, perfect color sweater. I have it in lavender but might need another?

These potatoes are so easy and flavorful.

Beautycounter finally has a tinted lip balm!

I think it’s time to up my cocktail game with some aperitif’s.

These sneakers might find their way into my closet…

I love the performance sweatpants from Vuori and might need this cozy sweatshirt now.

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