How to be Ten Percent Happier

I recently discovered the Ten Percent Happier podcast and I can’t believe I’ve never listened to it before! It’s hosted by Dan Harris, a journalist and former anchor of Nightline and Good Morning America. In 2004, he had a panic attack while on air and it sparked a search for ways to increase the happiness in his life. He found it through meditation and subsequently founded Ten Percent Happier, a mindfulness and meditation company.

I toyed with trying meditation a few times over the last year and a half but never really got around to it. But what I have continued to remain into during the pandemic is podcasts – and this one has been just a great addition to the rotation. I’ve been taking a break from a few of my favorites because they are so current event and politics heavy that I’ve just needed something a little lighter. And boy did TPH deliver! Thought I’d share some episodes I’ve enjoyed recently!

What to do About Eco-Anxiety: Jay Michaelson is a meditation teacher, lawyer, rabbi, and activist with expertise in environmental ethics. He gently cures us of the delusion that our individual habits can stall or reverse climate change and emphasizes that what we really need is systemic change. But he doesn’t leave you feeling hopeless, he give you some tools to manage the anxiety that comes with the environmental mess we find ourselves in.

The Science of Making and Keeping Friends: Did you know there’s a number (the Dunbar number) that basically says how many relationships our brains can handle at one time? The pandemic was challenging for me when it came to maintaining friendships (didn’t help that I was also in an incredibly busy year of school) – but apparently I’m not alone. Robin Dunbar, an expert in human relationships and evolutionary psychology, talks about the friendship crisis and social connection within our society.

I’ve got Letting Go of Perfectionism and How to Change Your Habits on deck to listen next! There is also a TPH app that integrates the podcast and meditations together, so I might give that a try to see if meditation is something that could benefit my life. Here’s to adding some happiness into your life!

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