Sunday Reading 11.3.19

I hope you enjoy the extra hour today thanks to the end of Daylight Savings (unless you have kids, in which case, enjoy that gallon of coffee!). Every year I look up why we have this weird time quirk – check out this great explainer from National Geographic.

My week was a blur of studying (#theusual) with a fun night shadowing labor & delivery sprinkled in, plus some great workouts, a sunset walk, and time with friends. But it left plenty of time to roam around and read the all the news, one of my favorite ways to procrastinate.

The NYC marathon is today, but there is so much more to running in the city that never sleeps.

Chelsea Clinton is exceptional – brilliant, driven, and teeming with passion.

Obsessed with the “Office Ladies” podcast. Are you listening yet?

Chanel Miller, known as Emily Doe in the rape trial of Brock Turner, speaks on the power of writing for emotional processing.

I have no idea where I’d wear these leopard print flats, but I need them now.

I haven’t gotten AirPods yet for fear of losing them, but I’m pretty sure I need the noise canceling version.

An important behind-the-scenes look at all the women driving the 2020 Presidential field.

Holiday made-for-TV movies are predictable and yet I love them. Can’t wait for the sequel to The Princess Switch.

I love the sharing of to-do lists on Instagram as a defense against the millennial “slacker” culture.

Teen Vogue’s Editor is under thirty. And amazing. Let that sink in.

Anyone have $3.5 million laying around and want to buy me this stunning co-op featured in Modern Love?

Obviously all the major players need to come back for Legally Blonde 3.

Don’t confuse loneliness with time alone.

Thinking of upgrading from my beloved Longchamp to this more professional tote from Everlane.

Hockey is a relentless assault on the teeth, but these NHL dentists put gummy smiles back together for a living.

Thanks to Netflix, I can pretend it’s winter with their holiday movie lineup.

Adding Little Goat Diner to the list for my next Chicago trip.

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