Health Policy Happenings, 10.23.19

There is nothing I love more than sitting in my bed with a steaming hot mug of coffee and reading the news. I usually put on some classical music from NPR’s WETA and lose track of time. It wasn’t in the cards for me this week to spend more than 30 minutes a day on the news (except for Sunday!) but I still think I’ve got a pretty diverse and interesting health policy round-up for you today!

The Annals of Internal Medicine published new guidelines indicating that there is not enough evidence to support cutting back on meat consumption, but there’s much more to the story.

Accountable care organizations (ACO’s) experience continued but slow growth after changes to the Medicare ACO program.

Medical debt is more often than not acquired unexpectedly, for reasons outside a person’s control. Yet it can still land you in jail.

What we eat can impact how you feel and improve chronic health conditions.

The uninsured rate for children is climbing and Medicaid enrollment is decreasing. These kids are falling through the cracks.

E-cigarette use by teens has rapidly increased and the consequences have been devastating.

Federal management of the Indian Health Service has rarely been even adequate. Tribal authorities are trying to take control to improve the health of their communities.

Houston’s Harris County jail became the second in the nation to give naloxone to inmates as they are released. The rate of overdose for former inmates after release is 40 times higher in the first two weeks than the general population.

This is a fantastic look at how much “Medicare for all” might actually cost.

And don’t forget to get your flu shot!

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