The Weekend Grind

Hello hello! I’m currently procrastinating watching neuro lectures by writing this post and finishing up a patient write-up assignment. In addition to learning how to take a history from a patient (what your doctor is doing when they ask you all the questions) and how to perform the physical exam, we have to perfect the art of putting it all down on paper. It’s all the stuff that ends up in your medical record. Do yourself a favor and watch this hysterical cartoon of a new medical student taking a patient history!

Backing up to Friday, I had some serious jet lag and woke up at 3:30am! I tried to fall back asleep for over an hour and when it was clear that it wouldn’t be happening, I caught up on the news and studied a bit more for the exam I had yesterday afternoon. The exam was for a class that teaches all the important non-organ system related things — this exam covered public health, tobacco, obesity, adolescent health, and a few more topics. The exams for that class are definitely lower stress, so I was also able to spend a little time getting caught up on neuro yesterday.

Coming back from spring break halfway through the first week of a new module was definitely the right choice (more tapas is always the right choice!), but it means I have about 12 hours of lecture to catch up on. I’m slowing making my way through them, but boy are they dense. The brain is a complicated little thing. Friday was also Second Look day at school, which is an opportunity for admitted students to come back and learn more about our medical school. It’s so insane to think that was me just one year ago! Of course, the only pictures I have from my Second Look are the drinks and food my mom enjoyed after it was over 😉 If you’re ever in Wynwood, be sure to check out Le Chick!

A few friends and I decided to be spontaneous last night and grab a drink on the water at Wetlab on Key Biscayne at the University of Miami Marine Science campus. It’s definitely a hidden gem. It was absolutely stunning weather and the breeze of the water made me forget all about the humidity. The nachos were a great choice too!

My friends and I socialized with the prospective students last night, but I ducked out around 10:30pm…I’ve fully embraced that I’m the grandma of the group. This morning I helped lead some tours around the neighborhood where I (and most medical students) live to show the prospective students good apartment buildings, where to grocery shop, and places to eat and study.

Now I have a few hours to finish this patient write-up and hopefully get in a couple more neuro lectures before going to celebrate the wedding of two classmates! They got married over spring break and are having a reception tonight with all of us med school friends.

And with that, it’s time to get back to it. Have a great Saturday friends!

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