Day in the Life MS1: Cardiovascular System

The “pre-clinical” years of medical school are pretty similar at most medical schools — anatomy, basic science courses, and organ modules. No matter how the curriculum works, you spend a lot of time watching lectures and studying in the library. I only have two weeks left of our cardiovascular system module and then it’s Spring Break and our last module of MS1, Neuroscience and Behavioral Science! I had a busier than usual day earlier this week and thought I’d take you through it!

6:30am Wake up feeling refreshed for the first time in over a week! Grab a big mug of coffee and finish a blog post about exercise and my career change.

7:30am Get myself put together for a day on campus and eat some breakfast. I’ve been loving an old favorite lately — oatmeal with ground flax seeds, apples, and peanut butter.

9:00am We had a great lecture on the management of heart failure, which is incredibly complex and sadly, pretty common. Most of us will see patients with heart failure, no matter what specialty we pursue. My public health hat was definitely on during this lecture and I asked all the questions about lifestyle modification and prevention.

11:30am I was hungry by the time lecture was over, so I ate a quick early lunch in the student lounge and caught up on some cardiac arrhythmia review videos.

12:00pm It’s Patient Safety Week and today there was a talk given by Dr. Elisabeth Poorman about physician wellness and creating a paradigm shift to recognize depression and suicide as occupational health hazards of practicing medicine. I have a longer post planned on her talk, it gave me so much to think about in terms of my own physical and mental health, the health of my peers, and how the medical education system fails trainees.

1:00pm Some of us had an inpatient training session, which is an opportunity to see patients in this hospital and practice our history taking and physical examination skills. Older students often take us to see patients on their current rotation but today we ended up in the emergency department. My group practiced history taking on a very complex patient — past organ transplant, significant co-morbidities, presenting with sudden chest pain — until they needed to be taken for an x-ray.

2:30pm Spent a few hours with my dear friend, the library. I got through the few lectures I missed when I was in D.C. for the American Medical Association conference. Successful afternoon!

6:00pm Home and ready to eat dinner! Whipped up a veggie and egg scramble, had a glass of wine, pulled up my epidemiology review (our exam is on Monday!), and flipped on some mindless T.V. in the background. I ended up watching Real Housewives of New York City — their taglines at the beginning of each episode are SO BAD.

9:00pm In bed with my book (currently in the middle of four different books but decided to read some of In Shock by Dr. Rana Awdish tonight). Hopefully I’ll be asleep by 10pm!

So that’s a day in the life during our Cardiovascular System module! I wish I had more hours in the day — and I’m sure I’ll be saying that every day for my entire medical career! Just two weeks stand between me and Spring Break in Italy and Spain! Let me know — do you have any fun trips planned soon??

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