Did They Really Get Pinned?

Most medical schools have a White Coat Ceremony prior to the start of first year and that is when students put on their white coats for the first time. My medical school does things a bit differently. I’ve actually had my white coat for months now and I’ve been wearing it for clinical and professional experiences. This past weekend was my Pinning Ceremony, which marks my official induction into the medical profession. And I’ve 100% been signing Bye Bye Birdie since the ceremony. [In case you didn’t guess, that’s where the title of this post is from.]

Yes, I’ve been in medical school for over six months now, but I honestly think it made the ceremony more fun! Also, an outdoor ceremony in Miami in August sounds like pure torture — the March sun was warm enough!

Our keynote speaker, Dr. John Salinas, outlined the three most useful things in his medical journey : curiosity, compassion, and community. Without a doubt, those are three important reasons why I am in medical school to begin with and an integral part of my identity as a future physician.

Not only was I able to celebrate this exciting moment with my family, but it is now a cherished memory with my friends. Medical school friends are unlike any other — we made it through the anatomy gauntlet, out of the basic science modules, and now we’re learning how to diagnose and treat patients in preparation to BE REAL DOCTORS. [Don’t worry, we have 3+ more years until we graduate. We’ll learn all the things between now and then.]

Being in medical school feels so right and like a huge surprise all at the same time. Some days (most days…) I don’t want to study for hours on end, but I know how rewarding that payoff will be and how I hard I worked to get here — not going to let that work go to waste! And not to worry, I do have fun in medical school! I actually took the whole weekend off from studying and spent it with my family. We ate great food, spent some time at the beach, and enjoyed each other’s company. I’m so grateful they were able to see me get my pin!

I’ll be at my desk all day today and tomorrow to get caught up and hopefully get ahead a bit! I’m off to D.C. later this week for a medical student advocacy conference with the American Medical Association– can’t wait to get back on Capitol Hill and put my advocacy skills to use again!

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