Health Policy Happenings, 11.16.18

Four days and one exam separate me from Thanksgiving break. It simultaneously feels like such a long time since I’ve had a break but also it’s only been three and a half months since school started.

It’s been a very busy month but not to worry–I’ve still had time to find some awesome things for you! I even found a moment to grab an amazing cherry key lime milkshake at Robert is Here! Pretty sweet post-health fair volunteering perks in med school 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to try Pheo Coffee yet but it’s on my own personal holiday list! Every bag of coffee features the story of an amazing medical discovery and a photo of a real person who is able to access medical care thanks to your purchase. Considering the amount of coffee medical professionals drink, it’s nice to know we can give back at the same time!

Yes, I know, I’m recommending another book that you don’t have time to read. But this one is a must for every medical student, resident, fellow, or out-of-training doc that you know! Most of us go into incredible debt to become physicians, so it’s vital we know how to handle how money (once we start making it…). The White Coat Investor by Jim Dahle is a requirement for every medical professional.

If you haven’t seen the #ThisisMyLane campaign on social media, I highly recommend checking out @reneeparo, @yoga_doc_md, @drkater, @alokpatelmd, @earlcampbellmd, and so many others on Instagram. If you spend more time on Twitter, start with @Meganranney and @choo_ek. 

This campaign is a response to a response–the American College of Physicians released a series of recommendations for reducing gun violence and then the NRA expressed their view that doctors’ should not be involved in the issue. Needless to say, the medical community response has been swift and impactful. You should also listen to this 12-minute interview about the This is Our Lane campaign. Read more on the issue from Slate, The Washington Post,  and NBC News.

And lastly, you know how I feel about Atul Guwande–everything he writes is gold. And his latest piece for the New Yorker is no exception. Read “Why Doctor’s Hate Their Computers” on your plane/train/car ride home for Thanksgiving. 

Enjoy all the food and family and community over the Thanksgiving holiday!

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