Health Policy Happenings, 9.12.18

Anatomy has kicked my butt this month, so I haven’t done as much fun medicine and health policy internet exploration as prior months. But, I still have some awesome suggestions to jump start your Wednesday!

Female physicians work exceptionally hard, often managing families and their own interests on top of their professional duties. Yet, in most cases, they do not have pay equity with male colleagues. Some incredible doctors have used their social media platforms to address this issue. Check out @nataliecrawfordmd, @drrupawong, and @teawithmd for some serious inspiration!

While we’re on the “female doc #girlboss” train, head over to the podcast app and subscribe to The Hippocratic Hustle. Dr. Carrie Reynolds (@hippocratichustle) and her guests (female MD and DO’s) discuss entrepreneurship, their side-hustles, and financial independence. Some of my favorites include Dr. Reynolds’ interview with Dr. Katrina Ubell of Weight Loss for Busy Physicians and her “Friends Talk Finance” series with Dr. Bonnie Koo.

It’s almost residency interview season (woo hoo! or, maybe boo hoo!), which means lots of planes, trains and automobiles. And also a lot of germs (travel + fall/winter = sniffles). Here are my tips to stay healthy as you criss-cross the country: wash your hands, get enough sleep, and eat healthy food! (But really, always follow these tips). While I can’t help you with the first two, perhaps I can help you with the third–the NYTimes recently featured the “Eat Well.Travel Further” initiative aimed at offering healthy food in airports. So if you forget to bring a healthy snack from home, check out your options at these 11 airports!

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