Health Policy Happenings, 8.10.18

Welcome to Health Policy Happenings, highlighting everything from an important and informative long-read to anatomical art work that you should purchase right now (or ask for as a holiday gift!). Please feel free to send along anything you think we should feature! And now, without further ado, its time for your second dose!

WHYY’s The Pulse podcast explores the intersection of health, science, and innovation. A recent episode investigated how our environment shapes biology–down to our DNA. Listen here!

A special report from STAT highlights Dr. Edward Kasarskis and Debby Taylor, who have tracking a particular form of inherited ALS in Appalachia for more than two decades. Their frequent visits to Ewing, Virginia to meet and collect samples from those affected with ALS are contributing to a body of research seeking to uncover the genetic foundations of the disease.

Do you live in the Southeast, go outside, and eat meat? Then this New York Times feature investigating a tick-induced meat allergy is for you–and also anyone interested in immunology, food allergies, mapping symptoms across the community, and just medical research in general.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 8.45.53 AM

In What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine, Dr. Danielle Ofri explores the range of emotions–hope, fear, frustration, and more–that greatly impact the doctor-patient relationship. She reflects on her own experiences as a medical student and physician and presents scientific literature to underscore the impact of emotions on giving and getting the best medical care.

Follow my former post-bac classmate, who is a current medical student and incredible artist, on Instagram @uselessmedschoolnotes for fun, colorful mnemonics to help you study in medical school. 

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